January 18, 2012

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January 17, 2012

Toys for Trans* Boys: Spareparts Joque Harness

If you're looking for an in-the-bedroom-only harness then look no further. Joque from Spareparts Hardware is a double-strap jock style harness that gets the job done. It even comes with a drawstring bag to store it in when it's not being used! It's built for any couples use whether you're cis-, trans*, or anywhere on the gender non-conforming spectrum.

Technical Aspects

Material: Nylon & Spandex (swimsuit material - which makes this harness ideal for in the shower/pool play!) with Velcro closures. It's friendly for those living a Vegetarian/Vegan lifestyle.

Size: The Size A model fits a 20-50" waist whereas the Size B model fits a 35-65" waist when the belt is fully adjusted. Head on over to this link for a complete sizing chart.

O-Ring Size: The O-Ring is designed to fit toys that are roughly 2" diameter. However, the O-Ring itself is stretchable and made from elastic. It could fairly easily fit something that is 3" in diameter. The O-Rings are not interchangeable which for some users may be a problem.

Weight: 0.3lbs


It's easy enough to get this guy on when you're thinking clearly. You simply step into it like any other jock on the market. Then you adjust the sliders and velcro straps to your comfort for a snug fit. I never had problems getting this on. Neither did my now-ex boyfriend when he used it on me. Both of us found it to be super comfortable and sturdy enough to handle rough sex.


The back of the pouch opens up and that's where you slide your toy in and through the O-Ring from. This particular packer is sometimes a little difficult to get through the O-Ring due to its desire to stick to the fabric. My Packer (VixSkin Mr. Right) and dildo (Tantus Throb) fit in this harness with room to spare. You want to make the belt and leg straps snug enough to keep your packer from moving around too much or falling out the back. The packer is heavy enough that if the harness is too loose, well, you'll have issues.

Newer models of this harness actually have little pouches inside of the flaps at the base of the O-Ring where you can attach mini-bullet vibes. The model I own does not. However, there is some spare room at the bottom of the pouch where you could place a mini-bullet inside of it but I'd be cautious of that as it may try to slip out.

With this being a jock style harness it's built so that whoever is doing the fucking can still receive anal and vaginal action. For me, as a total bottom boy, this is fabulous. It's also super fun to receive penetration being bent over the back of a couch or a table.

The one problem I ran into with this harness was trying to use it for stealthily packing. It's just too bulky to be concealed under a pair of jeans. If you want a harness for packing - this guy just wasn't built for that. After having this harness hyped to me when I originally purchased it I was pretty disappointed that it wasn't as stealthily made as I'd been told it was. Granted, it was the best on the market at the time for trans* and gender non-conforming folks to play with.


You'll want to wash it before using it for the first time. You can either hand wash this harness or throw it in with a load of similarly colored items. Don't throw it in with white stuff the first time you wash it or you may end up with pink undershirts. The red will bleed the first time it's washed. Tumble dry in low heat or lay flat to air dry. Keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid any chance of the color fading.


Overall, I love this harness for in-the-bedroom play. It's comfortable and sturdy. I sometimes even get aroused from the pouch and whatever toy is inside of it rubbing against my junk. I guess that's a perk of having T-related growth down below. None of the DIY harness I've tried in the past can even shake a stick at this guy. Shout out to Tulip Toy Gallery for having this in their store and being helpful when I purchased it.

Happy New Queers :: The Great Condom Clean-Out

A new year is upon us which meant it's time for my annual condom clean-out which has resulted in the above photo. After checking all my condoms for their respective expiration dates over half got tossed into the trash. The last thing you really want is a condom breaking on you in the middle of jerking off and having sex. With that said it is up to you, fellas, to take charge of your sexual health and well being. Go through those condoms and replace the old with some new ones!

I'd also like to use this time to urge all of you who are currently sexually active with a partner and are FTM or gender non-conforming in the trans* masculine spectrum to go in and get your annual pap taken care of. Yes, I know, we don't identify with our genitals and it's uncomfortable and awkward to get a pap. But here's the thing... Cancer SUCKS. If we have the body part we've gotta be responsible and get it checked out. Ten minutes of anxiety is a lot easier to handle than going through treatment for something that could have been prevented in the first place.

January 16, 2012

Toys for Trans* Boys: "Couch Surfers" by Trannywood Pictures

 Front & Back Covers

Title: "Couch Surfers: Trans Men In Action"
Studio: Trannywood Pictures
Year: 2008
Run time: 1 hr 21 mins

'Lube Boy'
Mark Van Helsing
Ian Foxe
Dex Hardlove
Peter Pleas
Ian Sparks
Brett McCloskey
CJ Cockburn

Disc 1 - Feature Film
Disc 2 - Bonus Footage, preview of "Trannywood Gone Wild"
Educational pamphlet: "A First Timers Guide To Playing With Trans Guys"

How this film breaks boundaries and crosses genres:
In each scene of this film you see two, sometimes three, guys fucking, sucking, licking, jerking, or fisting each other. From twinks to bears, fully clothed to no clothes. Nothing is left to the imagination here. Each scene is unique and tailored to the actors involved whether it's cis-men fucking trans-men or trans-men fucking trans-men.

Why this is a political film:
As soon as you open the case inside is a pamphlet titled "A First Timers Guide To Playing With Trans Guys." Not every porn film you open up will have this kind of educational material inside of it. The film also very brazenly pushes the practices of safer sex by showing use of condoms and latex gloves as barriers between the cast members (most of whom are current or former employees of Eros SF.) Eros SF is one of the few gay male bathhouses in the United States to openly welcome Transgender men. This has been a source of controversy in both the cis- and trans- gay male communities.

My favorite scene:
The middle to end of the first major scene where Ian Foxe starts out being fucked bent over a couch and then eventually on the floor by 'Lube Boy'. What appealed to me the most was that you never knew if Ian was being fucked in the front or in the ass. It left a little mystery to the imagination and made for an appetizing scene.

My Rating:
I give this a 3.5 out of 5. For my personal taste there wasn't enough anal fucking and I would have enjoyed some cis-man on cis-man action. It was also slightly awkward for me to watch this film as I know 'Cupid' in real-life. I do have to give kudos to Trannywood for being one of the few studios to produce FTM Porn that isn't fetishizing the community in a negative way.

A shout out goes to Early2Bed for having this in their store and supporting Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming (as well as Feminist!) porn companies. It's great being able to buy locally and support small businesses.

Toys for Trans* Boys: One-touch Mini Bullet

Purchased from Tulip Toy Gallery in the heart of Chicago's Boystown neighborhood the One-touch Mini Bullet is a small, discreet vibrator that fits in the palm of your hand. It's similar to the magic bullet from EdenFantasys. For such a small vibe it packs a big punch.

Technical details:
Silicone shell with a metallic paint on the outside.
2-1/4" long, 5/8" in diameter.
Uses three watch batteries (included).

Caring for this vibrator:
The outer shell is non-porous plastic and can be washed with mild soap and water. Just make sure to keep the battery chamber tightly sealed and dry while washing.

Changing the batteries:
It's easy enough to unscrew this bullet and let the batteries slip out. Granted, I don't use my bullet often, but today was the first time I've had to change the batteries since purchasing the bullet.

The noise level - it's quiet enough that if you're alone in a room no one outside that room will hear it.
I'd give it a 4 out of 5 for the vibration level. It's good but not great.

I wish it were bigger.

Overall this is a simple bullet for someone who wants a small, cheap vibe that is easily concealable. It's definitely only for clitoral stimulation. That said, with the length of my clitoris where it is due to Testosterone it's fun but not my favorite toy to play with.

January 15, 2012

Toys for Trans* Boys: I Found Mr. Right

After spending years searching for my Prince Charming I stumbled across Mr. Right ... okay, bad joke, I know. But when you know there's a part of your body missing and you need something to take its place this little guy from Vixen Creations gets the job done.

What it's made from and how it feels:
This packer is 100% VixSkin Silicone. It's smooth in your hand but sticky when you try to rub your hand up and down the shaft. He's available in three colors: caramel, vanilla, or chocolate.

How to take care of it:
Boil in water to sterilize; wash with soap and water to keep clean. He can be stored in his clear lucite box that he comes in. Dust it lightly with corn starch to keep it from getting sticky.

Mr. Right & his housing.

How does it feel?
Firm! Most men (cis- or otherwise) and the few females I've had relations with can't tell that it isn't real when I'm packing with it. I've also never had complaints when using it for intercourse. Soft enough for vaginal intercourse but not solid enough for anal play. [Yes, I know, the product page says it can't be used for intercourse but with a condom on it - it can!]

Packing with Mr. Right using briefs & boxer briefs combo.

At 4" long and 1-1/4" girth he's a little on the big size when in your pants. If you're a small dude like I am he might seem a little too big for your frame but you'll be alright! I prefer packing using an everyday pair of briefs to keep him secure. Since starting Testosterone it's become more uncomfortable for me to pack for long periods of time due to clitoral growth.

Converting to an STP device:
Stick a screwdriver over an open flame to heat it up and sanitize it, then push it slowly through the base of the packer and thru the middle of shaft. Then run some medical tubing through it and stick a medicine spoon or modified baby bottle nipple on the end facing your body.

Overall opinion:
At the end of the day this packer is my favorite. Compared to others I've tried in the past this one has held up under more stress and passes as real in the clubs. Well worth the money - even though I wish it was slightly smaller.

Toys for Trans* Boys: Underworks 983 Binder

Thanks to Early2Bed I'm now able to purchase my Underworks binders locally here in Chicago. I personally wear the Triptop - or the 983 model - in an XS. I've also tried the 967 and 988 models but found them unappealing due to the length and having to tuck them into my pants.

Underworks 983 (Tritop) binder.

So, what's it made from?
The Underworks 983 is 70% nylon and 30% spandex. The front half of the binder is three layers while the back side is one layer. It's impeccably well-sewn together and generally lasts for up to 6-8 months of daily wearing before the material starts to tear.

What sizes does it come in?
This binder is available in a wide range of sizes. Here's the list:
XS (28-30")
Small (31-33")
Medium (34-36")
Large (37-40")
X-Large (41-44")
2XL (45-48")
3XL (49-52")

Some health risks to be aware of:
If you're like me and you bind almost daily you don't want to wear your binder for more than 8-10 hours a day. The longer you wear it the higher your risk of muscle fatigue and too much compression on your ribs. It's not really advisable to sleep in your binder or work out in your binder. Yes, I've done it - and I honestly don't recommend it. After nearly 10 years of almost daily binding I now suffer from muscle disconnection problems in my back and shoulders.

What's the packaging like?
The binder comes folded in a clear plastic, sealed bag. There's a sticker on the front telling you which style you've received. Not exactly discreet, fellas.

How do I clean it?
Throw it in the wash with everything else and lay it flat to dry. From my experience throwing it in the dryer wears out the materials quicker which means it'll get loose faster.

How the heck do I get this thing on?

Pull it over the head? Nope. Stuck.
Step into it and pull it up? Yup!
Then push the chest down and out.

The white is newer and fits tighter.

During the day I find that the hem tends to roll a bit and I do have to pull it down to re-adjust the fit but that's more of a minor annoyance than a major problem. I'm roughly 5'3" and 135lbs. In sports bras I wear an XS/S. Assuming I measured correctly that gives me a 33/33/32 bust and 35" waist.

What do you like and dislike about this binder?
I personally LOVE! this binder... with one exception. My major dislike point for this binder is the shoulder straps. No matter which color I get this binder in (available in black or white) the straps are too long for it to bind properly. I've had to modify every Tritop I've owned. I generally cut off between 1-2" of the strap using normal scissors and then sew the straps back together. After the modification my chest doesn't come near as close to popping out of the top of the binder. I also found that my chest appears flatter after the modification. Otherwise I give this binder a 9/10 for comfort. When layering my shirts you can't even tell that I'm wearing it! The other dislike I have for this binder is wearing it during the summer. It gets extremely hot when I'm out running errands in the city but this can't be avoided. Until something better comes around or gets my attention this is the binder I'll stick with.

Modified Tritop.