January 15, 2012

Toys for Trans* Boys: I Found Mr. Right

After spending years searching for my Prince Charming I stumbled across Mr. Right ... okay, bad joke, I know. But when you know there's a part of your body missing and you need something to take its place this little guy from Vixen Creations gets the job done.

What it's made from and how it feels:
This packer is 100% VixSkin Silicone. It's smooth in your hand but sticky when you try to rub your hand up and down the shaft. He's available in three colors: caramel, vanilla, or chocolate.

How to take care of it:
Boil in water to sterilize; wash with soap and water to keep clean. He can be stored in his clear lucite box that he comes in. Dust it lightly with corn starch to keep it from getting sticky.

Mr. Right & his housing.

How does it feel?
Firm! Most men (cis- or otherwise) and the few females I've had relations with can't tell that it isn't real when I'm packing with it. I've also never had complaints when using it for intercourse. Soft enough for vaginal intercourse but not solid enough for anal play. [Yes, I know, the product page says it can't be used for intercourse but with a condom on it - it can!]

Packing with Mr. Right using briefs & boxer briefs combo.

At 4" long and 1-1/4" girth he's a little on the big size when in your pants. If you're a small dude like I am he might seem a little too big for your frame but you'll be alright! I prefer packing using an everyday pair of briefs to keep him secure. Since starting Testosterone it's become more uncomfortable for me to pack for long periods of time due to clitoral growth.

Converting to an STP device:
Stick a screwdriver over an open flame to heat it up and sanitize it, then push it slowly through the base of the packer and thru the middle of shaft. Then run some medical tubing through it and stick a medicine spoon or modified baby bottle nipple on the end facing your body.

Overall opinion:
At the end of the day this packer is my favorite. Compared to others I've tried in the past this one has held up under more stress and passes as real in the clubs. Well worth the money - even though I wish it was slightly smaller.

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