January 17, 2012

Happy New Queers :: The Great Condom Clean-Out

A new year is upon us which meant it's time for my annual condom clean-out which has resulted in the above photo. After checking all my condoms for their respective expiration dates over half got tossed into the trash. The last thing you really want is a condom breaking on you in the middle of jerking off and having sex. With that said it is up to you, fellas, to take charge of your sexual health and well being. Go through those condoms and replace the old with some new ones!

I'd also like to use this time to urge all of you who are currently sexually active with a partner and are FTM or gender non-conforming in the trans* masculine spectrum to go in and get your annual pap taken care of. Yes, I know, we don't identify with our genitals and it's uncomfortable and awkward to get a pap. But here's the thing... Cancer SUCKS. If we have the body part we've gotta be responsible and get it checked out. Ten minutes of anxiety is a lot easier to handle than going through treatment for something that could have been prevented in the first place.

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