January 16, 2012

Toys for Trans* Boys: "Couch Surfers" by Trannywood Pictures

 Front & Back Covers

Title: "Couch Surfers: Trans Men In Action"
Studio: Trannywood Pictures
Year: 2008
Run time: 1 hr 21 mins

'Lube Boy'
Mark Van Helsing
Ian Foxe
Dex Hardlove
Peter Pleas
Ian Sparks
Brett McCloskey
CJ Cockburn

Disc 1 - Feature Film
Disc 2 - Bonus Footage, preview of "Trannywood Gone Wild"
Educational pamphlet: "A First Timers Guide To Playing With Trans Guys"

How this film breaks boundaries and crosses genres:
In each scene of this film you see two, sometimes three, guys fucking, sucking, licking, jerking, or fisting each other. From twinks to bears, fully clothed to no clothes. Nothing is left to the imagination here. Each scene is unique and tailored to the actors involved whether it's cis-men fucking trans-men or trans-men fucking trans-men.

Why this is a political film:
As soon as you open the case inside is a pamphlet titled "A First Timers Guide To Playing With Trans Guys." Not every porn film you open up will have this kind of educational material inside of it. The film also very brazenly pushes the practices of safer sex by showing use of condoms and latex gloves as barriers between the cast members (most of whom are current or former employees of Eros SF.) Eros SF is one of the few gay male bathhouses in the United States to openly welcome Transgender men. This has been a source of controversy in both the cis- and trans- gay male communities.

My favorite scene:
The middle to end of the first major scene where Ian Foxe starts out being fucked bent over a couch and then eventually on the floor by 'Lube Boy'. What appealed to me the most was that you never knew if Ian was being fucked in the front or in the ass. It left a little mystery to the imagination and made for an appetizing scene.

My Rating:
I give this a 3.5 out of 5. For my personal taste there wasn't enough anal fucking and I would have enjoyed some cis-man on cis-man action. It was also slightly awkward for me to watch this film as I know 'Cupid' in real-life. I do have to give kudos to Trannywood for being one of the few studios to produce FTM Porn that isn't fetishizing the community in a negative way.

A shout out goes to Early2Bed for having this in their store and supporting Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming (as well as Feminist!) porn companies. It's great being able to buy locally and support small businesses.

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  1. Check out Couch Surfers 2 for couples, 2 trans guys, 2 scenes with a transguy and a cisguy, and a scene with 2 cis guys.

    I think Cubbyholes and Trannywood Gone Wild have more anal.

    Thanks for your insightful review. It's nice when reviewers "get it".