February 2, 2012

Review :: Classic butt plug royal

This toy has to be one of my favorites thus far. It starts out nicely with an easy taper and smooth texture making it easily insertable. The further you get down the town the more filling it becomes. At first use I met a little resistance at the largest part but with some time and enjoying the ride it slipped easily in. The base tapers ever so slightly making pulling it out a little more difficult than sliding it in. The wide base can be uncomfortable at first but with time you get used to it. For extended wear it can be slightly uncomfortable after longer periods of time because of the size. It can also be more challenging to pull the toy out if your lube has dried up.

If you're a beginner to butt toys this one isn't for you. I'd go with something in the 1"-1.5" diameter range if you're a butt toy newbie. Though this toy does start out nicely enough for a beginner and makes for a great stretching experience.

The royal is delightfully not raunchy in it's packaging. It comes in a recyclable plastic casing that can be used more than once. The packaging states that the toy is phthalate free and body safe.

Base to tip it's about 6" in total length. Roughly 5.5" of that length is insertable. At the widest point it's 2.5" in diameter - making this on the large side, but enjoyable! It's definitely not for beginners.

Porous rubber - so be sure to use it with a condom over it! The royal has an outer shell with soft, squishy filler on the inside. The toy does give off the same odor that you'll notice with any other rubber toy out there. It's strong at first but not strong enough to put me off of using it.

This plug is made from rubber so any silicone or water based lube will work with this toy. When using a water based lube make sure to reapply it regularly as the royal is made from rubber and will whisk away the lube and dry up. Dry toys are uncomfortable toys!

Cleaning & Storage:
A few minutes of hot water and mild soap will do the trick. Since this is made from rubber you can either air dry the toy or dry it with a towel. It won't collect little fuzzies on the surface like other toys will. This toy hasn't had any negative reactions with any of my silicone toys while being tucked into my toy box.

Gentle taper, comfortable

Wide base, slight odor

All in all, as someone who enjoys butt play on a regular basis - this one is a keeper. I use the royal on a regular basis for solo and partner play. The smooth exterior makes for an easy insertion whether on my own or with a partner. While at first it was challenging to get this toy fully inserted with practice and time I got more comfortable. I'm a rather small framed guy being 5'3" and 132lbs with a 30" waist and this is a big toy! I really enjoy the fullness I experience once inserted and it hits all the right places when shifting my weight around or doing every day chores.

FTC Statement: The Classic butt plug royal was donated and reviewed as part of the EdenFantasys Affiliate Review ProgramThis has not affected the opinions within the review and complies with FTC standards.